Created with teaching in mind.

Universities are challenged with educating quantitative finance-students in performing real market predictions, because the students have millions of variables to take into account. Making these kind of predictions is challenging without access to the right tools. These are the kind of resources that are available for powerful financial institutions like JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs, but neither are they developed for education purposes, nor are they available to universities. Because education in Quantitative Finance is relatively new, there is a gap in the market for a solution that is powerful enough to be used to make real market predictions, but light enough to utilise and exploit in an educational setting. The students want a tool where they can learn how to create powerful investment strategies, and the professors want an arena where they can distribute and manage exercises for students to do these kind of predictions.

Quanted Platform

With Quanted, students will learn how to create the most powerful investment strategies – in a practical way.